Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Camped on the Divide Between Pinedale and Rawlins, Wyoming. Day 8, CDT

Broken Bunk.

When we arrived at the motel in Pinedale, we opened the side doors on the van and saw that the top bunk had partially fallen off the wall.
I checked it out and found that all the screws that were holding the bunk against the wall at the back had fallen out.

This morning early I walked to the hardware store a couple blocks away and bought some new screws. I came back and reattached the bunk to the wall.

Getting out of Pinedale.

We still had to get a few things at the market and gas up the van.

I didn’t have time for a real breakfast so when we were at the market, I got two Apple Fritters, one for Patti and a six pack of Mountain Dew. Ah, yes the breakfast of champions; sugar and caffeine.

On the Road.

By 9:40, we were on the road heading south on 191.
A ways south of Pinedale we turned left onto Wyoming 353.


353 is a nice blacktop two lane that goes east through the ranch land.

After a while we turned left onto county road 118 a good wide gravel road.


We noticed some Lemon Sage along the road.


Of course as we travel along we are blown away by the scenery.


You can see the grader that has been working on this part of the road. It was like driving on velvet.
Unfortunately it didn’t last  for long and we were back to washboard. Fortunately the roads today are better than yesterday's.

Here are a couple pictures that will give you an idea of the grandeur of this country.




Okay, just one more.



As we were driving along we saw one lone Antelope moving away from us.


South Pass City.

South Pass City State Historical Site is a well preserved old gold mining town from 1800’s.

We first realized that we were nearing the place was when we saw the cemetery.

IMGP1047IMGP1048 From the cemetery the road drops steeply into the town.IMGP1049

We stopped in the parking area to have lunch.
We didn’t feel like going through the place so I just took a picture of the entrance.


As you climb up out of South Pass City you go by the old gold mine. The buildings of the mine and mill are very well preserve.


I have come across a lot of mines in the desert but they are mostly just foundations and piles of rubble. It’s nice to see one intact.

Atlantic City.

About three miles down the road is another town called Atlantic City.  This is not a ghost town although it looks like it may be heading that way.


There are some neat old buildings in Atlantic City.

This is the Mercantile.


Here is an interesting out house.


I like this old place.


We left Atlantic City and continued our trek on the CDT.

Crossing the Divide again.

After a few miles we crossed the Divide. There was even a marker there.


I think that’s number 12.

Oil Field.

We drove up hill for a ways and came to an oil field.


High Prairie.

Eventually we got on to the High Prairie.


This country goes on forever.


Camp on the Divide.

Around 4:30 we found a good camp spot with a view.


The Coming Storm.

We spent the afternoon watching a thunder storm approach our camp spot.


The storm took a long time to get to us and by the time it did it was mostly rained out. We only got a few sprinkles.


As is always the case when you have some good clouds, the sun sets are great.


We had a nice restful sleep and woke up to another beautiful morning.

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  1. I've been following your trip via Bobs Eyes blog, and wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blogging about the trip also. Great pictures you are putting on here and I enjoy your telling about the days events. Have a great time! Pam in Louisiana