Thursday, May 25, 2017

Take the Springs to Get Fixed, Ship the Steering Couumn Out and Some Electrical Work.

Monday Morning.

Steering Column.

The first thing we did Monday morning was to take the steering column for the van to a mail/ package store to ship it to San Jose to get rebuilt.


After that we drove to the Spring works where I dropped off the springs to get them shortened. The technician said that the springs would take a week to ten days to get back.

Patti's Car.

We also dropped Patti's car off at Walt's to get it ready for a trip we will be taking to Idaho Falls, Idaho around the middle of June.

Electrical Work.

We got home around noon and had lunch.
After lunch I started clearing out a bunch of unused wires under the dash of the van. It was a real rats nest of wires under there after many years of adding stuff and after removing some radio or other part and leaving the wires behind.
I was able to find out what wires were being used and which ones had to be removed. By supper time I think I had most of the wires taken care of. There will be more stuff to do there but not until I get a new radio.


When I was at Lorraine's moving sale I picked up a cabinet with 4 drawers in it.
I had to move a bunch of stuff but finally found a place for the cabinet under the bench between the working area of the shop and the laundry area.

All the drawers were divided into bins.
One had wood screws,

 Another had machine and sheet metal screws,

Another had electrical connectors.

The fourth drawer had parts for electrical construction.

The above pictures were taken after I finished organizing and filling the bins.


After breakfast I went out to the shop and started organizing the screws and parts in the new cabinet.
First I went through each drawer and put all like parts together and consolidated some of the bins.
Then I went through all the boxes, jars and cans of electrical connectors that I had in other cabinets and shelves and put them in the appropriate bins.
I did the same thing with the screws and emptied several small jars and boxes of screws into the bins.
I spent a good part of the afternoon going through all my hardware and sorting much of it into the bins.
I hadn't planned to get that involved in organizing the drawers but it actually freed up space else ware for other hardware and parts. Now it will be easier to find the parts I need as they will all be in one place.

New Tires for Patti's car.

When the car was in for service, Walt mentioned that the tires were pretty bad off.
Wednesday we took her car to America's Tire and got four new tires.

Okay that was the last couple of days.  

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