Saturday, May 6, 2017

Still Trying to Get the TBI to Work Properly


Still Not Working.

The problems that I have been having with the TBI are persisting. The engine runs great. I can drive around town just fine, I can drive on the freeway at speeds in excess of 70 mph. The engine only gives me trouble when I punch it. Then it will accelerate until it gets to a certain rpm and then is goes flat.

What I Have Done.

So far I have checked and tightened all vacuum connections including the manifolds.

I checked the fuel pressure, unfortunately I initially hooked the pressure gauge direct to the fuel pump. When I turned the ignition on the pump started and slammed the gauge needle against the stop and bent the needle.


Now it is out of calibration by at least 2.5 psi. I will have to get another fuel pressure gauge.

I checked and set the timing. I ran into problems when I couldn’t find the timing mark but fixed that. I watched as I increased the engine.

Called a Technician.

I called tech support and talked to Troy. At that time there were two issues.

The check engine light was coming on and giving a error 45. Running too rich.
Troy told me to try restricting the flow by putting a hose clamp on the fuel line. I tried a clamp on the input line and tightened it down. I went for a ride and the check engine light went on again (same error).

Next, I took the clamp off the input and put it on the return line. I tightened the clamp until the engine faltered then backed off until the engine smoothed out and a little more.
I took another ride. I drove about 25 miles

Okay that part is taken care of.

More Gauges.

I need to compile a bunch of data for the next time I call tech support. Therefore yesterday, I bought a small tachometer and installed it on the dash.


I will need to get another fuel pressure gauge so I can get accurate pressure readings.
That way the next time I call the tech I will have some numbers to work with.

Taking a Break.

I have had enough of this engine stuff so Patti and I are going up to the cabin for a couple of days for a break.
We are going to drive the van as there is some long stuff that I want to take up there and the van runs good enough for that.

Talk to you later.

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