Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Laying low and Trying to Fix TBI Problem

Laying Low.

I have been kind of sore since my fall in the parking lot so I have been taking it easy the last few days.

Working on the TBI.

The TBI has a problem. It doesn’t like to accelerate. If I add gas slowly the van will accelerate but if I stomp on it, the engine stutters and stumbles. I also get a check engine light and an error 45 (running rich).


I checked all the connections and set up of the TBI and can’t find anything obvious that I may have done wrong when I installed it.
Everything looks good.

I decided to check the timing to be sure that everything was good in that department.
I hooked up the timing light, started the engine.
Try as I might I couldn’t find the timing mark on the pulley. It took a lot of messing around to finally find the marks. I took some white paint and painted the timing marks so I could find them with the timing light.

Once the marks were painted I had no trouble seeing them and setting the timing.

I took a test ride after setting the timing but the problem still exists.

Call For Help.

I finally gave up and called the company that I bought the kit from. I told the technician what I was experiencing.
He said that I should try restricting the fuel flow as it may be to much fuel.
I asked how to do that. He said to put a hose clamp on the fuel input or the return line. That should restrict the fuel flow.
I am not sure but I think restricting the flow on the input should make it leaner and restricting the return should make it richer.

I tried restricting the input and took a test drive. It made no difference.

I restricted the return but I haven’t driven the van since so I’ll have to test it today.

Okay that’s it for now.

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