Friday, May 19, 2017

Got the Van Back From the Shop

Getting the Van.

The last few days have been kind of slow since the van has been in the shop. We took it on Monday and yesterday I couldn't stand it any longer so in the morning Patti and I went to the shop and I asked about the van.
I was told that the mechanic had been working on it for a while. The owner took me back to where the guy was working on the van. I talked to the mechanic for a while. He told me that as far as he could tell the TBI system was working correctly. His suggestion was that he thought that the ignition coil might be breaking down at high rpm. Or the tac signal from the coil that goes to the computer might be bad.

Ordered a New Coil.

On the way home from the shop I stopped at an auto parts to see if I could get a new coil.
The guys at the store tried to find the correct coil but the pictures they had weren't very eliminating.
As it turned out I went home and removed the coil from the van and went back to the auto parts store.
Now that I had a sample we didn't have any trouble finding the correct coil on their computer.
The only problem was that they didn't have the coil in stock so I had to order one.
I will pick up the coil today.

After the Coil. 

Once I get the new coil installed, I'll take the van for a test ride. Whether the coil fixes the problem or not I will have to start working on the other issues with the van.
I will remove the springs and take them to the "Spring Works" to have them shortened. While the springs are off I will remove the steering box/column and send it out to get rebuilt.
These are the most important mechanical things I have to do before we leave for the Continental Divide Trail.

Okay, That's it for now.

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