Monday, May 29, 2017

Fixed Passenger Door on Van and a New Radio Arrives

Fix the Passenger Door.

On Saturday I removed the passenger door from the van.
I installed the new (old) window regulator and the new window run channel. The window works properly now. I don't know for how long but it works now.

New Radio.

Yesterday (Sunday) the radio I ordered from Amazon arrived. They promised 2 day shipping and delivered on time.

It is a cheap radio as all I need it for is as a amplifier for my XM receiver but it has an auxiliary input, a slot for a SD chip, a USB input and a remote control. Not bad for $23.00.

Repaint and Fix Side Door.

Last year I did some work on one of the side doors on the van. About half of the bottom of the door was rusted away so I had to add some metal to the bottom of the door. There is a large pin that goes into a hole in the edge of the floor when you latch the door. That pin was getting stuck in the door and the door wouldn't latch. I had to slide a piece of metal into the slot where the pin is  to keep it from getting stuck in the door.
I think this should work.
Also, when I had the door off last year I painted it a light tan color. Everyone who has seen it says that that isn't the proper color for the van (Pigpen) as it has always been painted with red oxide primer. Therefore while I had the door off, I painted it with some red oxide primer.
I will put the door on today (Monday) and maybe get the radio installed.

Note: The first repair job on the door didn't work so this morning I did it a little differently.
Here are the pictures.
Here you can see the pin and the part that will keep the pin aligned being inserted.

Here is the finished repair.

I installed the door and the latch seems to be working just fine.

Okay, that's it for now.

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