Saturday, May 27, 2017

Still Working on the Van electricals.

More Wiring Work.

I have been working on the electrical stuff in the van. Mostly just figuring out which wires are necessary and routing those wires through plastic flex conduit.

The conduit on the right has wires from the auxiliary battery. The conduit on the left contains wires connected to the main battery.
It looks a lot neater than what was there before.
Of course the floor mat will cover all that.

Good News.

I got a call from Straight Line Steering yesterday telling me that the steering box is rebuilt and is ready to ship. It will be here next week. The steering box was in pretty bad shape and had to have everything replaced including the column. It ended up costing about $460.00.

Sealed Leak.

I am still working on oil leaks. I removed and replaced the plate that covers the hole where the old fuel pump was removed. I used a new plate and gasket that came with the TBI kit and a lot of silicon sealer. I hope that fixes the leak.

Things are progressing fairly well.

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