Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Shopping in Lake Havasu City.



I wanted to get a new 12V air compressor for the jeep because the one that I have is getting weak and has a small hole in the hose. I wanted to get one like I bought at Harbor Freight about 5 years ago.
The closest Harbor Freight store is in Lake Havasu City.
I also wanted to get some shotgun shells. I tried to get some at the Parker, AZ. Walmart but they didn’t have what I wanted.
I decided that I would try the Walmart in Lake Havasu City.

We also needed some other stuff so we made a list and headed north.

Getting Rid of the Barrel.

I have been asking around to find out where I could get rid of this 55 gallon drum.

I stopped at AutoZone in Parker to see if they would take the drum since they take waste oil.
The guy there said that they wouldn’t take it but I should check with Parker Oil Co.
I stopped at Parker Oil but the guy that takes care of that stuff wasn’t there.

We Continued to Lake Havasu City.

We left Parker and headed to Lake Havasu City another 40 miles further up the road.

We stopped at The Harbor Freight store on McCullough Blvd.
I walked all over the store and couldn’t find the 12V compressor. Eventually I stood in line and when I got to the register I asked the lady there if they still carried the 12V compressor. She told me that they were on Isle 8. I had already checked every isle but I went ahead and rechecked Isle 8.
No compressor.
I went back to the cashier and told here that there were no compressors there.
She came with me to be sure I was looking in the right place.
“Oops, I guess they are sold out”. She said.
She went to the back to see if they had any in stock but they were completely out.
”Maybe we will get some on the truck tomorrow.” She said.

Okay, We are coming back here next week to go to the movies so I will check then.


From Harbor Freight we drove to the north end of Lake Havasu to the Walmart. This Walmart is about three times the size of the one in Parker and they have a lot more stuff.

I was able to get all the shotgun shells I wanted there and a lot of other stuff that we could not find at the Parker store.

Back to Parker.

From Walmart we stopped for lunch at KFC and then headed back to Parker to see if the guy at Parker Oil was there.
We got there just as he was leaving for the day. Fortunately I caught him in the office and asked if they would take my barrel. He said that he would so I told him that I would bring it up tomorrow (Tuesday).
Okay so we are all set now all I have to do is get the barrel in the jeep without making a mess.

On the way home, I went to KB tools and bought another small tarp to line the inside of the back of the jeep.

When we got home I took the storage boxes and shelf out of the back of the jeep to make room for the barrel.

Okay that was our Monday.

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