Friday, December 2, 2016

Haircuts and Cards.

Hair Cuts.

It has been six months since I had a haircut. I get one every November and again in April.
Our friend Debbie who lives here in Quartzsite is our barber and she does a good job.

Here is the before.


This is the after.


That should last until April.

Patti also got a trim while we were there.


Around six o'clock we went to Becky and Dennis’s for the Thursday card game. There were 18 people present. We filled their Arizona room to capacity and had two large tables with nine people at each.
There was more laughing and kidding than serious card playing and we all had a good time.

Today. (Friday)

Patti went with Jo Ann and Dave to do some shopping in Parker around 10:30. I stayed home and did a little house work as I don’t care for shopping that much.

We have been invited to a couple of party’s in the next week. Both are semi potlucks so she went to get supplies for our share of the food. 

Okay, well, that’s about all for now. Not terribly exciting but that’s how it goes some times.

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