Monday, December 12, 2016

A Birthday Party


A Visit With Jo Ann and Dave.

We took a ride to see if the game store was open yet but they weren’t.

As long as we were out we decided to see if Jo Ann and Dave were home.
They were home so we stopped for a short visit.
Jo Ann was making a potato salad for a party that was happening later in the day.
She invited us to go to the party.
Jo Ann also told us that Denis and Sue had arrived in Quartzsite.

Denis and Sue.

After a short visit we headed for home.
As we were leaving the RV Park where they are staying we saw Denis’s jeep parked at Carol and Wayne’s.
We stopped to say hello but no one was there.
Just as we were leaving Sue and Carol showed up on  an ATV.
As we were talking, Denis and Wayne walked up. We had a nice reunion and after a short talk we headed for home.

The Party.

Around 3:00 we went to the party.
The party was for a lady named Sharon that we just met a couple weeks ago.


It was a good party complete with Live music…


and Lots of good food.


We stayed at the party until around 5:30, then we headed for home.

As we were walking to our jeep, Denis and Sue were walking to the party. We stopped to talk with them. They had gotten a spot just behind where the party was going on.

Okay, that’s it for now.

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