Saturday, December 10, 2016

I Give Up on the Barrel and A Nice Sunset


Trying to Clean Out a 55 gallon Drum.

I have this 55 gallon drum that I was planning to make into a outside fireplace. The drum was used for used motor oil.
I thought that I could clean it out by putting some diesel oil in it and swishing around and letting it sit for a while.
I did that Thursday.
Yesterday I bought a small tarp to put down under a bucket so I could pour the mixture into it. When I tried to pour the oil into the bucket I could hear the thick layer of sludge on the bottom slide down and plug the outlet hole.
I took a stick and tried to unplug the hole and the sludge was to thick that I couldn’t even push the stick through the hole.
I have decided to give up on this barrel.
I am afraid that if I try to cut it, the sparks made by the saw will ignite the sludge.
If the sludge starts to burn it will be very smoky and hard to put out. Also it is very messy dealing with this nasty black sludge without making a mess.
Now I have to figure out what to do with this barrel and find another one that is cleaner.

A Nice Sunset.

We were treated to a very nice sunset last evening.


A beautiful end to another good day.Smile

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