Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Gold Rice MineTrail In California.



We had Christmas Dinner at The Times Three Family Restaurant with Jo Ann, Dave, Jim and Doris.
While we were there Dave mentioned that Frank wanted to lead a jeep ride on Monday. We were to meet them at the fire station at 9:30 Monday morning.

The Ride.

At 9:00 Patti and I went to the Pilot station to get gas for the jeep and buy a couple of sandwiches from Subway.

Denis was there also getting gas.
I asked him where we were going and he said; “some trail that Frank found in a California Trails Book.”


We were at the fire station by 9:20 and waited for the rest to arrive. Around 9:30 we left the fire station and headed north on AZ 95.


At Parker we crossed the Colorado River on the new bridge…


and entered California.


We turned west onto CA 62. We drove to the turnoff at Big River RV Park. There is a road there that heads south. We followed that road for a while, then turned west on a wide graded gravel road. After a couple miles we stopped to air down.


After airing down we continued west until we came to US 95 at Videl.

Into the Dirt.

We crossed the highway there and continued west on a smaller dirt road.


This was a easy trail with just a few washes to cross.


An Interesting Cross Roads.

After a few miles we came to a large intersection where there was this big concrete block where someone had left some nice chairs for people to sit on.


After taking some pictures here we turned south on a smaller trail.
This trail headed for the mountains.


Into the Mountains.

Eventually we left the flats and the trail started to become more interesting.


We went through some nice deep gully’s…


and up some steep rocky hills.


From the hills we had some great views of the mountains to the west.


After a while Frank called for a comfort break.


Lunch Time.

Eventually we came to a wide wash where we stopped for lunch.


Dave Takes A fall.

While we were having lunch Dave was walking around and took a fall and cut his knee up. Frank broke out his first aid kit and put a band aid on Dave’s knee.


Back on the Trail.

After lunch we continued along the trail.


The trail wound higher into the mountains.


A Tough Spot.

Eventually we came to the roughest spot in the trail. It was a place where some of the trail had washed out and someone had piled some rocks in the washout that made it just passable.


After getting across the tight spot we had some small boulders to negotiate.


Stamp Mill Ruins.

We continued up the mountain and passed the remains of an old stamp mill.


The mountains round here are really rugged.


The End of the Trail.

Eventually we got to the end of the trail.


We wandered around here for a while…


and checking out the views.


Heading Back.

After a while we headed back down the trail.


Denis was very helpful, spotting for everyone at the tough spot.


Once past that spot we headed out of the mountains.


A Shortcut.

After a couple of hours we found a shortcut back to US 95 and headed for home.
Patti and I decided to take the Agnes/Wilson Road and went across the Colorado River to Parker. The rest of the party went south on US 95 to Blythe, CA.

It was another interesting ride and a good day in the desert. 

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