Friday, December 9, 2016

Shopping, Cards and a Birthday



This morning Patti and I drove to Parker to do some shopping.
Our first stop was Walmart to get our prescriptions filled. Some how when they transferred our prescriptions from the Windsor store to Parker they forgot to transfer Patti’s insurance information.
When they totaled up the bill it came to $285.+. Baring teeth smile
We had to sit around for a while so they could get this straightened out. This time the total came to $14 and change.
That’s much better.Winking smile 

After getting our meds we looked for Nopolito’s “pickled cactus” but they didn’t have them at Walmart so we had to go to Safeway.
While we were at Safeway we bought a birthday cake for Lillie, who’s birthday it is today.
Eventually we got everything we needed.
By then it was about 3:00 so we went to the Crossroads Café for a late lunch.


Thursday is card night so we went to Becky and Dennis’s around 6:00.

We had two tables of players. One Table played 5 Crowns.
At the other table we learned a new game (to me) called “Golf”. Its a pretty simple game and a nice break from 5 Crowns.


After the first game, we took a break and had some birthday cake.


It was a good day.

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