Monday, October 10, 2016

The Last Three Days



Driving with Harvey.

I picked Harvey at his place around 10:00 and we headed for Healdsburg in his car.
The plan for today was to let Harvey get some practice dealing with the freeway. I decided to go up to Healdsburg to begin because the traffic is a lot less up there.

I drove to Healdsburg and pulled over in town to let Harvey take over.
We went to the north end of town and got on the freeway there. We headed south and took the next exit. We went over the freeway and took the on ramp heading north again. We did this a bunch of times until Harvey felt comfortable entering and leaving the freeway then we headed for Santa Rosa. We took every off ramp and on ramp along the way, even in the heart of the city.
He did very good.
After a while I decided that Harvey could drive me to Guerneville so I could pay Bob for the parts for the Septic system at the cabin.

We stopped at the bank so I could get the money then headed for Bob’s.
I figured that Harvey needed to get some experience on curvy back roads so we drove out Pocket Canyon Road. It is a pretty curvy road and Harvey did just fine and kept his speed down.

We made it to Bob’s, I paid him and we sat around there for a bit.
After a little while we got back in Harvey’s car and headed for home.
Over all Harvey did very good and I think he is ready to get his drivers license.


Working on the Van.

The water pump in the van is starting to go bad, there is play in the shaft.
When Bob swapped the six cylinder engine for a V8 in his van, he had a lot of fairly new 6 cylinder parts available. He gave me some of them. One part was a new water pump so I decided to replace the one on my van with that one.
I only got about half done before I hade to stop.

The water pump is the gray part with the blue goo squeezing out at the edges.


Visiting Mary.

Around 2:00, Patti, Joanne and I went to Petaluma to visit with my sister Mary.
We had a good visit although it was pretty emotional as we spent most of the time discussing Tom’s passing.
Mary will be okay, she is a strong woman and has a lot of support from her children and grandchildren.

We went home around 5:00.

Okay that is all for today.

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