Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Couple of Nice Days


The storms have passed and the last couple of days have been clear and warm.

Sealing the windshield.

When it was raining I noticed that the new windshield was leaking. 
During a break in the storms I was able to use some duct tape to temporarily stop the leak. Once the storms went away I removed the tape and let things dry for a day; in the evening I squirted a tube of black silicon in the space between the van and the rubber seal.
I hope that works.

Finishing the Satellite TV Stand.

I put the finishing touches on the antenna stand.

Here it is painted, with the dome siting in position with its rubber feet in the holes on the platform.


The connector comes off the platform and fits in a pocket in the tripod bag along with a couple of bungee's that are for windy conditions so storage shouldn’t be to bad.


Preparing for a Visitor.

My old friend Don who lives in Seattle has to be in SF on business and is going to stop by for a visit for a couple days.
It was a good excuse for Patti and I to get the house spruced up so we spent a good part of the day cleaning.

Okay, that ties up a few loose ends.

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