Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Still Working on the Van.


A Double Pulley.

One of the parts that I got from Bob was a double fan pulley.
I decided that putting on the double pulley was a good Idea. That way there will be two belts instead of only one. It’s a safety thing.

This is the old pulley system. It is actually two pulley’s and is bigger around that the new one.


As you can see the old pulley is quite a bit different from the new one but the new one lines up better with the crank shaft pulley.


Now I have to fine a double pulley for the alternator. I looked around in all my junk cans and after a while of searching I finally found one. I knew that I had seen one some where in the last thirty years.
I love it when I don’t have to buy a part.

It was a little struggle getting the single pulley off the alternator because my impact wrench is slow and a little wimpy. Eventually I got the pulley removed, the new one installed and the alternator back in the van.
Now I need to find a couple of belts that will fit. It took two tries at the parts house before I got belts that fit  the new pulley setup. Eventually I got the right belts installed and everything lined up properly. 


That’s better. Now I don’t have to worry about loosing a fan belt because now there is a backup.

Leaking Hose.

Once I got the radiator filled and burped I noticed that the top hose was leaking at the radiator.
I should have put new hoses on when I did this job but I wasn’t thinking ahead.
I tried tightening the clamp on the upper hose but it still leaks a little. I’ll try a couple other things before I look for a new hose.
I’m sure that the proper hose will be hard to find as the van is 48 years old and all parts are getting hard to find.

Okay, that’s all for today.

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