Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Couple Days at the Cabin



Patti and I arrived at the cabin around noon on Saturday.
Unfortunately the last visitors to the cabin didn’t leave it in the best shape. There were dishes in the dish drainer and food residue on the counter and food on the floor.
Some people just have no respect for others.

The worst thing is the food residue and food on the floor because the food attracts rats, mice and worst of all bears.

We Move in.

Patti and I moved into the cabin and put the dishes away (At least they did wash the dishes), swept the floor and made our beds.

Pipe Repair.

The previous visitors also put a hole in the main water line. I think they may have been target shooting and shot a little low and hit the pipe even though it was buried.

They did try to fix it but obviously didn’t know what they were doing.

I had to cut their repair out. All they needed to do was use a nipple to put the pipe together. At least they tried to fix it.


I replaced this with a piece of pipe and a couple nipples and clamps.


I left the repair exposed until the next day to see if it leaked. There were no leaks Sunday morning so I covered the pipe up.

Fire Ring.

I have been resisting putting a fire ring at the camp but more people are using the place and having fires there any way.
I decided that the only way to be safe and keep all the burning debris confined, a fire ring has become necessary.

Finding a Metal Ring.

In my wanderings around the property over the last 25 years I came across an old round stock trough. I decided that if it was good enough I could use it for the fire ring. If I could find it again.

Patti and I took the jeep down the hill to see if we could find the trough. 
It turned out to be right where I thought it was in some trees above the road to the old homestead. It was once a spring tank for the old homestead but now it is all rusted out.


I drug the trough out of the brush and down the hill to the road.


I’ll come down here with my van to take the trough up the hill to the camp. That will be in a week or so when I come back to get all my stuff out for the winter.

I plan to use about 8 to10 inches of the top for the ring. I’ll probably cut it around the the lower ring just above the label.


Around 7:30 Monday it began to rain and rained steady all day.


Patti and I took our time getting ready to leave.
We put all the dishes away clean, washed down the counters and the stove.
After we had everything packed in the jeep and dry firewood stacked on the tray in the cabin and on the porch; we swept the floor clean of food debris, closed the door and around 2:30 we headed for home.

More Rain.

It rained hard all the way home and continued for the next two days. We didn’t do much during this time.

Okay that’s about it for now.

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