Saturday, October 22, 2016

A Visit With Don and Felice.


A Visit With Don.

My friend Don was hoping to get his job in the city done by Wednesday afternoon. Unfortunately there were some problems and the job took until Thursday afternoon to complete.
Don finally arrived around 8:00 Thursday evening. We immediately went out to get some dinner as Don hadn’t eaten since early morning.
We visited until around midnight then called it a day.

I was hoping that I could take Don up to the cabin but he had to make a 6:00 flight out of SF on Friday so we didn’t have time to do that.
We spent Friday visiting.

A Visit With Felice

Around 1:00 on Friday my youngest daughter Felice came by for a visit. Don hadn’t seen her since she was about 3 years old.
Don has worked all over the world. Felice had done some extensive travel in Europe so they had a lot to talk about; comparing places they had visited, etc. and places to visit in the future.

It was a good if to short a visit with Don.

Harvey Gets his Drivers License.

Harvey took his driving test Thursday and passed 100%.

Here he is with his car.


Going to the Cabin.

This morning Patti and I are going to the cabin for a couple days, talk to you next week.

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