Sunday, May 8, 2016

Goofing off and a SF Giants Game


Goofing Off.

I haven’t been very productive the last couple of days. The weather has been a bit cold, gray and rainy so I have just been puttering around in the shop, picking up tools and generally cleaning up. The rest off the time I’ve been reading, relaxing and staying warm and dry.

SF Giants game.

Yesterday Patti went to San Francisco to watch the Giants play baseball.

Left to right;
MY nephew John, my niece Joanne, Joanne’s husband, Dave and Cindy (John’s wife). Standing in line for the ferry to take them from Larkspur to AT&T Park.



I Didn’t Go.

I suppose you noticed that I didn’t go with them. I am not a sports fan so I didn’t want to spend around $200 to go to the city, stand in lines, be crowded into a small area with thousands of people, sit in the cold and rain for the whole day watching a game that I have no interested in.

My View.

Since I wasn’t there I will have to just show you a few pictures Patti took and give you my interpretation from what information I got from Patti.

Here is the ferry they went on.


The ferry dropped them off near the marina gate to the ball park.


This is the main score board.




I wonder who’s job it is to keep that glove clean and how do the do it.


Batter up!

Buster Posey at bat.


Here is the gang in the stands.


The game went 13 innings and the Giants won 2 to 1.

The gang got home around 9:00 after stopping for supper.

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