Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Five Days at the Cabin



Around 9:30 Joanne, Dave and their 2 year old granddaughter, Riley, stopped by for a visit.
Kids are so great at that age.

Arrive at the Cabin.

I arrived at the cabin around 1:30 and got moved in.

Started the refrigerator. At first it wouldn't work but it turned out that I just needed to wiggle the connections a bit.

Next I tried to get the XM radio to work. When I plugged it into the power supply one of the wires burned up. It turned out that the socket for the 12 volt plug is faulty and shorts out when the plug is plugged in. I pulled the battery out of the box and just hooked wires from the battery to the plug for the XM. Now I have radio entertainment.

Cow Horns.

I found some cow horns in my supplies at home that I thought would work to replace the ones that are missing on the skull that is on the stump and brought them up.

I took the skull off the stump and worked the new horn's onto the stub of the horns that I trimmed on the skull. After that was done I hung the skull from the gable beam at the front of the cabin.


Bob Show's up.

Bob showed up around 6:00. We sat around and visited until around 9:00 when Bob went to his van for the night.

Okay, that was Thursday.


Slept in, had breakfast, hung out in front of the fire until Bob came in, then hung out in front of the fire with Bob.
It was a cold morning with gusty wind so the fire in the wood stove was very welcome.
Eventually we got our stuff together and worked on a couple projects.
We fixed a squeaky chair.
Bob took a walk up the trail from the cabin and did some work on the trail.
I made a hanger for towels, coats etc.

The Hanger.

It started with a 1”X 6” X 18” board.

I drilled a 2” hole in one end of the board with my T handle drill.

The next thing was to find the proper sized stick to use as a rod. I took a short walk and found a suitable Fir sapling laying on the ground. I cut about 10 feet of the end and took it back to camp where I trimmed the branches off, cut it to size and pealed off the bark.

I hung the whole works to the right of the wood stove. The board is screwed to the rafter and the small end of the stick is screwed to the door post above the door.

When there is something hanging on the hanger it does block a small part of my view outside but I will just have to get used to it.

A Flower.

I noticed this pretty flower along the trail up to the bench by the stump.
It looks like some kind of poppy.

There is another flower near this one that is just about ready to open.

We are finely seeing some blooms from all the seeds and bulbs we have planted here over the last few years.

I'll just keep planting and hoping for the best.


After getting up, having breakfast and sitting around for a while; Bob and I went up the trail from the cabin and did some work on the trail.

We worked on that for a couple hours until it was time for lunch.

After lunch and a long break we went to the wood yard with the van and got a couple of boards to make new shelves for the kitchen in the cabin.


After breakfast Bob went up to do a little more work on the trail.

I stayed at the cabin and did a couple chores.

I have always thought that the table was a bit short so I took it apart and added a couple of one inch boards to where the base connects to the top. That brought the table top up an inch.

The top of the table also was getting a little weak so I added a couple of blocks to stiffen things up.

I had hung one of the lanterns from a rafter over the table but when it is lit it throws a shadow over the table. I moved the hanger to the outside beam and that seems to help get more light on the table.

The rest of the day I spent just enjoying the passage of time.


Bob left around noon on Monday.

I hung out until around 4:30. I spent my time replacing the legs on the bench that Patti and I broke a couple weeks ago.

Making the Legs.

I used some old redwood fence posts for the legs and shaped them with a draw knife.

After shaping the legs I drove them into the holes in the bench seat with the back of a heavy ax.

Here is the finished bench.


The second poppy bloomed so here it is.

Going Home.

On the way out I dropped off the bench at its spot along the road.

I got home around 6:00. Patti and I went to Mary's Pizza Shack for dinner.

Okay that was my trip to the cabin.

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