Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Doctor Visit, 5 Days at the Cabin and More Doctor Visit’s.


Doctor visit.

Patti and I planned to go to the cabin for 5 days from Thursday to Monday. Before we could go I had to go to the doctors for a pre op visit for the surgery that I am going to have on my right hand.

We were out of the doctors office in about an hour and headed for the cabin.

At the Cabin.

When we got to the cabin Dave was there setting up his wall tent.


We got moved in and spent the afternoon visiting with Dave and enjoying the day.

Dave went home around 4:00 but he and Joanne are coming back up tomorrow evening.

New Shelves for the Kitchen.

The last time I was up here, Bob and I brought a couple of pieces of lumber down to the cabin from the wood pile by the slag heap. The wood is for new kitchen shelves.

Friday after lunch, Patti and I started working on new shelves for the kitchen area in the cabin.

This is the original set of shelves on the wall.


I had two 1” boards; one was about 10” wide and the other was 12” wide. Both boards were about 16’ long. I decided to use the 10” board for the main shelves and make the top shelf out of the 12” one.

We worked in the dining hall as it makes a great shop with a good work bench and tables to work on.


Here are the new shelves installed in the kitchen.


Dave and Joanne came up around 7:00 in the evening.


We woke to a cold gray day and spent a good part of the day sitting in front of the wood stove. It rained off and on during the day so we didn’t do a lot.


After lunch Dave, Joanne and I went up the road to remove a root from the middle of the road.

The dirt on the road has been washing away over the years and this root is getting higher and higher. It is to the point where a low car could bang something serious underneath.

Dave and I dug out and cut the root. Now it looks like there was never a root there in the first place.


We slept in and took our time getting things going.
Today was going home day and I am never in a hurry to do that. By about 3:00 we headed for Santa Rosa.


Today was the day that I had to go to see the vascular surgeon and have an ultra sound done to check out the stent they put in my aorta. Everything looks good there so I won’t have to go back until November.

Future Surgery.

On Friday I will be having surgery on my right hand to release my trigger finger. I probably won’t be doing any typing for about a week so you won’t get any posts for a while.

Okay That’s about it for now.

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