Thursday, May 5, 2016

A Couple of Projects.

As it turned out yesterday was a bit more productive than I expected.

Ammo Can Power Supply.


I managed to repair the ‘ammo can power supply’. The socket would short out when the plug was inserted.

I took the socket apart, it is kind of like two tubes, one inserted into the other. The inner tube has the + 12v, the outside tube is the ground. When the plug is put into the socket there are some fingers that short the inner tube to the outer tube. I taped around the outside of the inner tube. That should insulate the two parts from each other when the plug is plugged in.

Transfer Case Adjustment.

When I left for the cabin last week I had adjusted the transfer case linkage so I had 4 low and 2 high but couldn’t get into 4 high.

Yesterday I managed to get it adjusted so now it has all the 4 wheel drive gears.

Just goofed off the rest of the day but at least I got some things accomplished.

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