Monday, May 23, 2016

Coyote’s Like Peanut Butter Too.


Mouse Trap Experiment.

We have been experimenting with an idea for a self resetting mouse trap that Bob found on the internet.

A Simple Design.

All it takes is a 5 gallon bucket, a piece of wire, a cylinder (plastic bottle or drink can) and some bait. We have been using peanut butter.

You poke a hole in each end of the cylinder, run a wire through the cylinder, hang it over a bucket with a few inches of water in the bottom. Dab peanut butter around the outside of the cylinder, put some ramps for the mice to climb and that’s it.

The mice run up the ramp drawn by the delicious aroma of peanut butter. They they try to reach the bait, the cylinder rolls out from under them and they fall into the water.

Here is a picture of the trap.


It works!


There are a few good points to this kind of trap.
There is no poison involved so you don’t have to worry about toddlers or pets being poisoned. Even birds can feed on the bait without harm.

There are no springs with wire bales that can snap fingers or sharp pointy things that can puncture flesh.

The mouse just falls in the water and eventually dies from hypothermia or drowning.

There is one draw back though:

Coyote’s like Peanut Butter Too!



Smile Have a nice day…

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