Saturday, April 2, 2016

No Room at the Inn, Home Safe.

On the Road Again.

We left Bakersfield around 11:00 (later than usual) and drove to Buttonwillow where we gassed up for the run to Santa Rosa. After just paying $1.75 in Bullhead City and as low as $1.29 last month in Coolidge, it was a shock to see the price at $2.89. Oh well, at least it was easy in, easy out.

We got on I-5, set the cruise control on 60, turned the radio up and headed north.
This was Friday and the traffic was a little heaver than we normally have to deal with.
Fortunately everyone stayed in their lane most of the time and those that didn't got lucky and didn't cause a wreck.

No Room at the Inn.

Around 2:00 we came to a rest stop just about 18 miles south of Highway 152. It was time to stop for lunch so we pulled in. We ate a couple sandwiches and I took a good nap.
Our original plan was to drive from Buttonwillow to Santa Nella and stop for the day so Patti called the RV park there to see if they had a spot. Unfortunately they didn't have any spaces available.
Fortunately I just had a two hour nap so I was ready for the second half of the trip.

Home Safe.

We got back on the road.  Me made it through the worst part of the traffic which is around the Tracy / Stockton area which was 5 PM on a Friday!!
We only had a couple of close calls.
One time an 18 wheeler came within inches of clipping the front of our motor home with the back of his trailer.

Eventually we made it to Lodi where we got on Highway 12 and headed west toward Fairfield and the intersection with I-80. It was a fairly easy run along 12 except that the highway is getting pretty rough.
We connected with I-80 and drove the 4 miles to where 12 continues west. Here we got back on 12 and stayed on it to Santa Rosa. Got home at 7:30 PM.

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