Friday, April 8, 2016

Finished Bracket on the Jeep and started working on the Drivers door of the Van.

The Bracket.

I got the bracket installed in the jeep that will keep the cargo area in place.

I bolted it to the rear seat mounts. Now it should stay put.

The Van Drivers Door.

The window guide at the rear of the door broke when I was camping in Nevada last year. I tried to remove it when I was camping but stripped out the screw head.

On Tuesday I removed the door and took it into my shop.

I ended up having to cut the screw head off to get the bracket off.
I kind of screwed up and cut the bottom of the door up a bit trying to cut the screw. I had to weld up the cuts and weld in a washer. It looks kind of crappy as I haven't done any gas welding in several years so I have to learn all over agine .

The Tab.

A tab that holds the top end of the bracket to the door broke off so that is what I had to weld back on.
This weld is a lot better than the one on the bottom of the door.

The Window Regulator.

Once I got the window guide repaired and installed I found that the gear on the window regulator had a few teeth stripped out.

I will have to weld them up and then file them into shape. That should be an interesting project.

Okay That's it so far. We will see if I can get this fixed in the next post.

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