Friday, April 1, 2016

Bullhead city to Bakersfield.

7-1/2 hours from Bullhead City to Bakersfield.

We left Bullhead City at 9:30. We drove to I-40 just west of Needles and headed across the Mojave Desert toward Bakersfield.

As we drove along we saw a very long train crossing in front of us.

We passed Edwards AFB

And the windmill blight approaching the Tehachapi Mountains.

We got to Bakersfield around 5:00.

We pulled into the River Run RV Park just intime to get registered. After getting set up, we went to The Black Angus for dinner.
Patti had the filet mignon and I had a half rack of lamb. The dinner was excellent although a little pricy.


Since we have gotten away from the Palo Verde's, my allergies have slowed down some. By the time we get home I should be back to normal. Or as normal as I ever am.

Last leg?

Today will be the final leg of our drive. At least it usually is but this time we may stop halfway home  at a place called Santa Nella, depending on how I feel and what time we get there.
As usual we will play it by ear.


  1. Santa Nella? Pea Soup Andersons! <3

  2. It's always good when people describe wind turbines honestly: as blight, not beauty or progress. They don't even work very well, but they've spread far and wide from experimental roots in Tehachapi, Altamont Pass, etc.

    It's going to be "NIMBY everywhere" if this keeps up. There are said to be ~0.3 million of them around the world already.