Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A Visit With Bob, Install the Van Door, Getting Ready to Go to the Cabin.

A Visit With Bob.

On Sunday I took a ride to Guerneville to visit with my friend, Bob. It was a cold drizzly day so we just hung out around his place and bs'ed for a couple hours.
Every once in a while we would take a walk around his yard. It is to early in the spring for ripe fruit but Bob enjoys the plumbs so green that the seeds haven't hardly formed yet.
"Man that's tart"!!

The Van Door.

I got home from Bob's around 3:30 and decided to put the window regulator back in the van door.
Once that was done I had to paint a couple of spots and glue some rubber weather-stripping back in place. Now I am ready to put the door back on the van.

The van door is heavy and cumbersome so I figured I would need help putting it on the van. Patti was visiting with our friend, Loraine and was not expected home until later so I decided to wait on that project.

Patti and I installed the door on the van Monday morning. It went right on with no trouble.
"That's a little scary".

Trip to the Cabin.

We are getting ready for a few days at the cabin. This is our first trip this year so I am excited.
We will go up tomorrow and come home Monday.
Of course that means there will not be any postings for about a week.
Hopefully we will have some nice pictures to post next week.

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