Thursday, April 21, 2016

Catching Up

Catching Up.

Okay, okay, I know its been a long time since I published a post.
I guess I will have to catch you up.

The Cabin.

We went up to the cabin for five days; from Wednesday to Monday.

After spending several months in the desert coming back to all this green is a bit overwhelming.
It almost feels like your body is absorbing the greenness through every pour.

We missed the blooming of the flowers that we planted in the fall around the stump.

We took a couple of walks around the property during the week.  Here are some of the pictures Patti took.
The Wild Iris's are blooming.

The huckleberries are also in bloom.

Even their leaves are colorful.

The area has had a lot of rain so everything is very lush.



Ray and Mike came up on Friday. They set their camp up down the hill, at Mat's spot.


For many years Patti and I enjoyed going to Black Powder Rendezvous. One of these Rendezvous takes place at the Mary Hill Ranch about 12 miles east of Booneville. We haven't been to any Rendezvous in several years so when we found out that there was to be a rendezvous so close to the cabin we decided to meet Joanne and Dave there on Saturday. Not to compete or camp, just to reminisce and maybe run into old friends.

Patti and I stopped at the Booneville store to buy a couple of sandwiches to take with us.
We met Joanne and Dave at the rendezvous around noon and had our lunch under the shade of a massive oak tree.

The Rendezvous was very small with only a few traders.

And very few shooters.

Back in the day when we were going to this rendezvous there could be over 25 traders and 100 or more shooters.
We talked Joanne and Dave into coming back to the cabin with us for the rest of the day and left the rendezvous around 2:00
Back at the cabin we sat around and visited with Joanne, Dave, Ray and Mike, until Joanne and Dave left around 5:00.
Ray and Mike came up to play cards Saturday evening.


Sunday morning Ray and Mike took down their camp and left for home around 11:00.
Patti and I stayed until Monday afternoon.

Van door.

Tuesday morning I took one of the side doors off the van. The bottom of the door is pretty rusted out so I will have try and fix it.

Okay that's a quick catchup of the last 7 days.

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