Tuesday, June 30, 2015

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Okay, so the van is full of stuff that has to go to the cabin for the fourth of July weekend. Unfortunately there is a leak in the fuel filler pipe/hose. I decided to fix it before I go to the cabin because I don’t like to drive around with gas dripping out of the back of the van.

On Saturday morning I crawled under the van and after considerable struggle I managed to remove the filler pipe and hose. The filler hose was pretty rotten and it split when I tried to remove it. So now I have to fix it.

You know, sometimes we out smart ourselves.

When I went to find a new piece of rubber hose to connect the filler pipe to the gas tank, I figured that I would save time and bypass the part stores like Auto Zone and O’ Riley's because I was looking for a
1-3/8” diameter fuel hose, something that is rare. I didn’t think those stores would have it but figured if anyone did it would be the Napa parts store; so to save running around I went directly to Napa.
No Luck. They had 1-1/2 and 1-1/4. They suggested that I try Power Engineering (A Hydraulic supply store). Unfortunately they were closed until Monday.
I went home to think about my options.
I looked online and found a place where I could order the hose but I decided to keep that as an option if I couldn’t get the hose locally.

We decided that in case we couldn’t get the hose in time for the weekend, we would move all the stuff from the van to Patti’s Trailblazer and take it up to the cabin Sunday.
That is what we did; Sunday morning we drove up to the cabin unloaded all the stuff, had lunch and came home.

Monday morning I went to Power Engineering to see if they had the right hose.
“Sorry we don’t have any 1-3/8 hose of any kind.”

Okay, I guess I will have to order the hose on line. I can get by without the van for the weekend so I decide to order the hose when we get back from the cabin.

A while later I was at home when the phone rang.
It was Patti.
Her car died in the middle of traffic. She had to be pushed into a gas station. She called AAA and was brought home in a tow truck.

Okay, so now; the Van is down, Patti’s car is down; the jeep is the only vehicle that we have running and we need to take a bunch of food and passenger to the cabin for the weekend.

“What the hell are we going to do?”
”Okay calm down.”

An answer to the Problem:

While I was researching the fuel hose I ran across a forum that was talking about the difficulty of finding the proper hose. One poster mentioned that he used a piece of radiator hose.
Long term I don’t think that is a good idea but as a temporary fix, it would get me through the weekend.

First: I looked in my stash of old radiator hoses but I didn’t find anything I could use.

Next: I drove to O’ Riley’s to see if I could get a piece of radiator hose (still not thinking that they would have the proper fuel hose.)

Fortunately when I talked to the guy at the counter I asked for a piece of 1-3/8 inch diameter fuel hose (not radiator hose).

The counter guy motioned that I follow him to the back where they had all their bulk hose. I was a bit surprised but after a moments hesitation I followed in his wake,

After a bit of searching we found a piece of 1-3/8’ fuel filler hose.
Now, this hose costs over $12.00 / foot and I only needed 6 inches. This piece of hose was two feet log and the guy said that he couldn’t cut it. So here I am having to pay over $24.00 for a 6” piece.
I’m stuck, I need the hose so I have to pay it.
So, now the counter guy says “how long do you think that hose is? Does that look like two feet to you?”

“Well, yea I guess”, I reply.

The guy looks askance at the hose. “Naw,” he mutters. “Only looks like a foot to me”.

“Thank you oh Prince of counter men.” I think to my self.

I also purchased a 12 inch piece of 1/2 inch fuel line for the vent.

The total came to around $16.00.

Patti got home shortly after I got back from the parts place.
It was around five o’clock so it was time to quit for the day.

This morning I installed the gas filler pipe back on the van and it all looks good.
Now, I am going to drive the van the the cabin tomorrow morning with most of the food for the weekend.
I have to get up there early so I can work on the refrigerator. The temperature up there is supposed to get to over 100° so I want to work on the frig when it is cooler.

Patti will come up in the jeep with Dina on Friday.

Okay, I think that’s enough for now. I’ll talk to you in about a week.

Have a great Birthday America!

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