Monday, June 1, 2015

Memorial Day at the cabin and surprise guests.

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Patti and I got to the cabin around noon on Friday.
We got moved in and just enjoyed the rest of the day in the quiet of the forest.

Saturday morning we were sitting around the cabin. Patti had just gotten dressed and I was on my second cup of cocoa when we herd a vehicle coming in.

It turned out to be Joanne and Dave.
When we talked to them during the week they said that they most likely would not come up to the cabin over the weekend, so we figured we would have a nice quiet weekend alone. 
Apparently Joann was able to juggle their schedule and they were able to come up. Joanne also invited her friends Darlene and Ronda; they arrived about two hours later.
We didn’t get a lot of work done with all the company but we did manage to get a little done. Patti and I moved a small pile of cut up firewood from up at the trailhead to the cabin.

The pile of wood fit nicely in the jeep.

Later on Joanne and I brought down another pile of wood.

The wood is the start of a stack that will grow alongside the cabin.

The rest of the day we just hung out in the shade visiting.

At five o-clock we had happy hour.

In the evening we played cards. (Ukrainian Rummy)

Sunday while I was moving some firewood I uncovered this Alligator lizard.

Dave, Joanne, Darlene and Ronda took a walk down to the barn.
Patti and I puttered around the camp and had lunch.

About the time the rest got back from their walk I was ready to head up to the trail where I wanted to fix a steep area near the gully crossing. I took the jeep up to the trail head; and carrying the chain saw in a back pack and a rake in one hand and Polauski in the other, I headed up the trail.
I worked about an hour on the trail and got the steepness taken care of. The Mosquitoes were so bad where I was working that I could not stop to take a break for more than a couple minutes so I had to just finish the project and get out of there.
Dave showed up just as I was loading the chain saw back into the backpack. We headed back to camp and spent the rest of the day just hanging out.

We had another happy hour and played cards again in the evening.

On Monday we went down to check out the creek. I had not been down there since we returned from Arizona. While we were at the creek we cleaned up some of the branches from the tree that fell into the swimming hole last fall. The tree was removed from the swimming hole by the winter flood but there are still some branches and part of the tree high on the beach. There was another small tree in the upper end of the hole.

I drove the jeep down to the water and had Joanne hook the winch cable to the big end of the tree.


Once the cable was connected I backed up the jeep and pulled the tree out of the water.

We will cut this up later. We headed back to the camp and hung out for a while.
 About 5:00 our guests headed for home. Patti and I had dinner and listened to old radio shows on the XM.
Tuesday morning we cleaned the cabin, loaded the jeep and were on our way home by 12:30.
When we got home I saw that Jim had moved all that rock from in front of the house to the frame in the back yard and filled the parking spot next to the drive way.

It was a fun weekend.

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