Thursday, June 18, 2015

A class on knee joint replacement.


As you probably have read in earlier posts ; Patti is having a knee joint replaced in a few weeks.
One of the steps in the process is a class at the hospital on total joint replacement.
Patti and I went to the class yesterday evening. All the information was a bit overwhelming but fortunately there is a hand out that tells us what will happen and when will happen so I guess we can get Patti through this.
Before the class I was under the impression that they were going to cut the leg above and below the knee and replace the entire knee.
What they actually do is grind and shape the ends of each leg bone so that they can insert a shaped titanium piece on the end of the femur and a polyethylene plate on the tibia.
They don’t actually cut anything except their way in.

A visit with Bob.

I took a ride over to Bob’s this morning.
We wandered around his big yard eating plumbs for a while and sat in the shade B-S-ing for a while.
Bob is getting ready for a trip to northeastern Nevada.
Be sure to check out his blog to see how it goes.

Okay; that about does it.  

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