Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I’m back!!!


Took some time away from the blog but now I’m back.

Assembling the Tuff Shed

When we got home from the memorial day weekend on Tuesday, the rock that I had delivered was gone. Jim had spread it on the spot to the right of the driveway and filled in the frame for the base of the “Tuff shed”.

We spent the rest of the week getting ready for the shed delivery.

Friday morning around the 7:45 the first guy showed up with the shed parts on a trailer.


By 8:00 the second guy showed up and they immediately began unloading the trailer and laying out the parts for the shed.


First they assembled the steel foundation.


Then the floor goes down.


Then they brought in and set up the walls.


Once the walls were up they put up the gable ends then the rafters went on.


Then the sub roof.


Then comes the tar paper and then the metal roof.


In about three and one-half hours they were done and gone.
I was very impressed by their efficiency. These two guys just went to work and with a very few words got the job done.

Getting ready for visitors.

We spent the next few days cleaning out the spare room. This room has always been used for storage. We always called it the “wreck room”. By Monday we had all the stuff out of the room and stored away in the shed. We put two cots in the bedroom and bought a blowup full bed mattress. We are now ready for Becky, Samantha and John to come for a visit. Becky and Samantha live in Oregon and John is visiting from Fairbanks, Alaska. They are coming to visit us and attend Harvey’s High School graduation.

After all was said and done only Samantha slept in the wreck room on the blow up mattress. Becky moved her cot into the dinette and John used the shed as his private apartment. 

Harvey’s Graduation.

We picked up Harvey and Dina at their place.
Of course we had to take lots of pictures.

Here is Harvey and his proud mom.


Here are the cousins. Our three grandkids. Samantha, Harvey and Johnathen.


We got to the school early but it was still crowded. We had to park in the enclosed parking garage. It took us about 45 minutes to get out of the garage when the event was over.


The Graduation was held on the Junior Collage football field.

Here is the entire class. I don’t know why they had the graduation set up so that the students had their backs to the audience. Someone wasn’t thinking.


Proud grandpa.


Harvey, his cousin Devante and their proud moms.


John and me at the cabin.

On Saturday 06-06 John and I went up to the cabin for a few days.

We got there around noon and got moved in.


After lunch we took a walk around the cabin loop trail.
We stopped at all the benches along the way.

The first bench.


The bypass bench.


The dirt bench.


We walked the whole loop and got back to the cabin in under an hour.

Firewood work.

Sunday morning we decided to work on moving the pile of firewood and stack it against the cabin.

John spilt the ones that needed splitting while I moved and stacked.


We worked on this a couple of hours and got about half the pile split and moved.

We took a break and then headed down to the shotgun range. When we got to the creek crossing we found a large tree limb had broken off and was blocking the road.


I pulled the tree limb out of the tree where it was hung up and cut it up for firewood. We stacked the wood along the road to be retrieved at a later date.


It was close to lunch time by then so we went back up to the cabin to await the arrival of the women.

Patti, Becki, Dina and Samantha came up for lunch. They stayed around until about 2:30 and then headed for home. 

By the time they left it was getting very hot so John and I decided to head for the creek.

John had a good time cooling off in the creek.


While John was fooling round in the creek he found the carcass of a Crayfish.


In the 24+ years that we have been coming to this swimming hole we have never seen a Crawdad. It is time to think about building traps.

While we were down there, we cut up the tree that I had pulled from the creek the last time we were here and stacked the wood.

It was beginning to cool off so around 5:00 we headed back up to the cabin.

splitting more wood old radio shows and cards.

After dinner John split and stacked more fire wood.

In the evening we listened to old time radio programs on the XM and played Rummy.
John won.

Weed Whacking and more playing in the creek.

In the morning we went back down to the shotgun range; we finished cleaning up the tree on the road and did some weed whacking where we shoot.


When that was done we went back to the cabin for a break. We were going to do some shooting but the weather got to hot so we decided to go to the creek instead.
We ate lunch and then drove down to the creek.
At the creek we removed more branches, etc. from the swimming hole.


Now it will be ready for 4th of July.


We stayed at the creek until the day began to cool, then headed back to the cabin for dinner.

After dinner, John split and stacked some more wood. By the time we left the next morning John had split and stacked almost all the rounds from the original pile.

This is all there is left to split.


The wood stacked against the cabin almost reaches the windows.


That is a good start on my fall wood supply.

The ladies go to the city.

While John and I were at the cabin; Patti and then girls went to San Francisco and Pier 39.
They drove to Larkspur and took the ferry across the bay to the city.

Here is Patti and Samantha on the boat.


It looks like a beautiful day in the city.


Patti here:

It was a gorgeous day in the city; no need for sweaters or jackets and was in the low 80’s!!!

Once in San Francisco, the four of us girls started walking towards Pier 39.  It’s well over a mile from the Ferry Building and it took us about 40 mins.  I think that I did pretty good considering I’m getting a knee replacement in 5 1/2 weeks.  Anyway we looked around and did a little shopping after lunch.  Lunch was at BUBBA GUMP SHRIMP CO.  Becki had a hamburger & fries; Dina had deep fried shrimp w/fries; Samantha had shrimp mac & cheese and I had a shrimp po-boy sandwich w/fries. I would go back again!  After checking out more shops, it was time to get back to the Ferry Building.  Lucky us, we got back to Larkspur in time for the 5 PM commute.  Much fun was had by all!!  I would have had more pictures but the battery died right after getting off the ferry. Bummer!!

Marty here: 

The Kids left for home on Thursday 06-11 around 5:00am.
Patti and I went up to the cabin to get the van.

Friday we moved all our stuff out of the rented storage locker we have been paying for for 20 years.
It took my van, Patti’s car and Dave’s pickup but we got everything moved in one trip. We stacked everything on the back patio.
For the last several days we have been going through boxes consolidating, and discarding stuff. Eventually we got everything stored and we still have a little room for more.

Okay that is all that I can remember of what took place over the last couple of weeks.

I’ll try and stay a little more current with the posts but If things are boring I may skip a day or two.

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  1. The shed looks really nice, and unlike other sheds, the finish is very neat. Sheds may not be as useful for others, but in emergencies, these things could satisfy your needs. It’s good to know you resorted in having one. Cheers!

    Refugia Stein @ Container Domes Australia