Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A visit with friends from Quartzsite


Yesterday morning we took a van load of stuff to the Salvation Army drop off.
It was good to get rid of all that stuff.

Around noon we met up with Cheryl and Dennis (white jeep) and their two grandchildren; Megan and Brandon. They were on their way to “Safari West” a local wild animal park.
They followed us to Larkfield where we stopped for a hamburger and sat around  visiting for an hour or more.


After leaving them to go to the game park, Patti and I drove up to the Windsor Walmart to get some meds.
From there, since we were already in Windsor we went to visit Joanne and Dave. We went out to dinner with them and after dinner we watched a movie, “2012”, a disaster flick.

Okay that was yesterday.   

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