Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Leaving Quartzsite. 03-24-15


The Palo Verdi’s are blooming and I am having an allergic reaction to them so it is time to leave Quartzsite for the season.


We are giving up our spot here in the Holiday Palms RV Park. The last thing I had to do was to move our shed. We tried to sell it this spring but had no takers so our friend, Dick, said that he would take it to his place and try to sell it for us.

This morning Dick, Robert and Dennis K came over and we loaded the shed onto Dicks trailer.

The following pictures show the loading sequence

First, Dick backed his trailer up close to the shed.


Then we lifted one end of the shed up so Dick could back the trailer up a little more and we set one end on the trailer.


Once we got one end on the trailer


we were able to just shove the shed the rest of the way.


Once on the trailer we followed Dick to his place and unloaded the shed in his front yard.
He will sell it and I’ll get some money from the sale next fall.

Now that the shed is gone we can leave here tomorrow morning.

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