Monday, March 9, 2015

Flat Tire Road. 03-09-15


Patti and I took a ride to the KOFA refuge yesterday looking for cactus flowers.
We decide to take the road to De LA Osa Well. I call this trail “Flat Tire Road” since the first time we went out there we punched a hole in the side of a tire. At the time I wasn’t running the BFG TA radials like I have on the jeep now.

We headed south on 95 and drove to the MST&T road at mile post 92 where we turned east and followed it into the KOFA.


At intersection 22 we turned south and followed this trail for several miles. I have always liked this particular trail as it takes you through some beautiful canyons


This trail usually has a lot of flowers along it but unfortunately this time we only found a few Butter Cups.


Even though there weren’t any cactus’s blooming yet, the canyon views are still pretty spectacular.


This side canyon goes a lot farther in to the mountain than it looks from the trail and gets very narrow. When I have other people with us I usually stop here and take them into the canyon but I didn’t go in there this time.


We continued through a narrow canyon and out the other side where the mountains are not as close.


After a while we turned around and came back to this shady spot in the narrow canyon.


We stopped here to have lunch.


As we were sitting there we noticed these interesting patterns in the cliffs.
This one looks like a scull in progress. We will have to come back in a few thousand years and see how it turns out.


From where we were sitting we thought that this one looked like Darth Vader but up close not so much. Its still pretty cool.


After lunch we headed back down the trail. Here is the view to the north.


We took the turnoff that takes you past Scott’s Well. There is usually a lot of quail and doves around the water here but not today.


We were a little disappointed that we didn’t see any cactus’s in bloom but I guess that we were just too early. It still was a nice scenic ride.

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