Thursday, March 12, 2015

Exploring the Colorado River Indian Reservation. 03-12-15


We met the Wednesday group at the Carl’s Jr. at the west end of town around 9:00.

Once everyone was ready, we headed west on I-10.


We left the freeway at Ehrenburg and stopped at the Flying J to let those who needed gas to top off their tanks (Dennis).


Once the tank was filled and the women were back from the restroom we headed north on the Ehrenburg / Parker Road.


We drove for several miles and eventually turned east on a dirt road and drove through farmland heading for some sand hills.


Large flocks of starlings were evident in the fields.


We took a few roads that were dead ends. One particular trail went up a steep sandy hill.


Everyone had some trouble getting to the top but we all eventually made it.

You can see from this picture just how soft the sand is on this hill.


Unfortunately when we got to the top there was no where to go from there. We looked all around but couldn’t find a trail going down the other side.


There were good views of the sandy hills


and the farmland below us.


While we were wandering around on top of the hill some one found a Horned Toad.


These little lizards are usually fairly drab but this guy was particularly colorful.

Eventually we got down off this hill and continued our exploration.


We got onto a power line road and headed east.


As we drove along we noticed a large nest on one of the power poles.
if you look closely you can see some kind of bird in the nest. At first we thought it was a hawk but it looks more like a dove. The construction of the nest would indicate that it was probably a dove.


About a mile further down the road we saw a nice big hawk on one of the poles.


There was another nest farther down the road.


I have no idea what kind of bird is in this one.

After wandering around for a while we decided to stop for lunch. Insert obligatory lunch picture here.


After lunch we wandered around taking several trail that went nowhere.


Oops, I think that is the end of this trail


As we were wandering around we saw some Beaver Tail Cactus in bloom.


Eventually we got onto a trail heading south. We drove around and around


and up and down for a while. Eventually we came to the Tyson wash and headed for home.


The sky was interesting all day; at some times it looked like it would rain


but the temperature was in the high 70’s.


It was another fun day playing in the desert.

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