Saturday, March 14, 2015

Jeep Safari. 03-14-15


We haven’t done much since the ride on Wednesday.

On Thursday evening we went to Cheryl and Dennis’s to play cards.

Yesterday Patti went to Indio with Debbie to visit a casino there. She did okay at the casino and came back $40 ahead. She took me out to dinner at Silly Al’s Pizza.

Jeep Safari.

In the meantime we have been preparing for a four day jeep safari with the Wednesday Jeep Group.
There will be eight jeeps in the group. We will be leaving around 7:00 Sunday morning and driving to Prescott, AZ where we will spend the night. On the way we will take a couple of off road trails. From Prescott we will be going to Crown King which is a small village in the middle of the Bradshaw Mountains and is only accessible via a rough dirt trail.
For more info check out this sight.,_Arizona 
We will spend the night in Crown King.  Patti and I have reserved a room above the Saloon. There are six rooms above the saloon and one bathroom.

From Crown King we will be heading south toward Wickenburg, AZ. On the way we will visit the Vulture Mine and ghost town. That should be interesting. 
We will be spending the night in Wickenburg and will be taking some trails on the way back to Quartzsite.

I will try to do a post every evening if I have an internet connection. I’m not sure if there will be a connection in Crown King.

This should be a fun trip.  

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