Sunday, March 15, 2015

Jeep safari day 1. 03-15-15

We met the group at the Arco station at the east end of Quartzsite.
Patti doesn’t see many sun rises so she took a lot of pictures of this one.

Here are a couple of them.


This one has been enhanced to bring out the color.


Once everyone arrived by a little after 7:00 we headed out and got onto
I-10 going east.


We followed I-10 to Highway 60 where we left the freeway and continued
east on 60.


We went through the little town of Hope.


We continued on until we arrived at the town of Aguila where we stopped for
to top off the gas tanks.
We were planning to do some off road stuff between here and Prescott and
didn’t know if there were any other gas stations after here.


As it turned out the computer was malfunctioning at this station and we
couldn’t get any gas. We also found out that we could get gas at
Congress, so off we went.

We turned onto Hwy 71 toward Prescott and when we got to Congress we
stopped at a gas station and topped of the tanks.

After we filled up I was told that my jeeps back door was flying open
and closed as I drove. I checked it out and found that the bracket that holds
the pivot on the tire carrier had broken loose because the weld had failed.
Fortunately it was only the tire carrier and not the back door,


I borrowed a big bungee from Dennis to temporarily keep things together.


A little ways past Congress, we turned south on a dirt road to go see if we
could find a couple of ghost towns. The road started out mostly paved but
soon became very dusty.


As we traveled farther into the mountains we saw more and more wild


We tried a couple of roads but none of them went to the ghost town we
were looking for. On one of the roads we came to a gate and when we
stopped to open it this guy galloped up on his horse and told us that the
road was closed.


We turned around and headed back the way we had come. We stopped
to check out an old pioneer cemetery.


There were no head stones only metal crosses marking the graves.


Patti found this neat spider web at one of the graves.


After wandering around the cemetery for a while we headed off to see
if we could find the ghost town.

We turned onto this small trail near an old dynamite shack


As we traveled along this trail we crossed a small creek.


This creek flowed down the canyon from a small pond.


Along this trail we also found some more wild flowers.

These are called Humming Bird bushes.


Here are some hedgehog cactus’s blooming.


At first I thought these were blooms but after a better look they turned out
to be some kind of cactus fruits.


This is some type of Yucca blooming.


As it turned out this trail didn’t got to the ghost town either; So we turned
around and headed back to the main dusty dirt road.


We followed this road to the “ghost town” of Stanton, AZ.


Stanton is part of an RV park. Even though it is in fact an actual ghost town
it feels more like a tourist trap complete with a place to buy “T” shirts.


Here is Dick with his purchase.


There are a couple of old historic buildings left in the town. This one is the
old opera house.


They had picnic tables with some shade so we decided to have lunch here.


After lunch we followed a dirt road back to highway 71 just west of
Yarnell, AZ.


After going through Yarnell we turned south on another dirt road.

This one took us along the Hasayamppa River.


There were a lot of neat looking Cottonwood trees along the river valley.


We took a break near an old windmill.


After a short break we got back on the road and eventually got to
Highway 89.
We followed 89 through the mountains. We could se some snow
high up on the north sides of the mountains.


Eventually we got to Prescott and checked into our room at The Comfort


After getting checked in we went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant.
The food was very good.
White jeep Dennis was driving around town and found a hardware store
where he bought us some steel wire so I could wire up the
tire carrier on the jeep.

Tomorrow will be another early start, going to Crown King.
We will have breakfast at the motel at around 7:00 and be on the road
by 8:00

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