Saturday, March 7, 2015

A ride up to the towers and the Gold Nugget Mine. 03-07-15


I have been having radiator problems with the jeep for as long as I have had it. I think it is on its fourth radiator. I put a new one in last year and now it is leaking again. The leak isn’t big but after a week or so I have to refill it. I decided to try just putting some
stop-leak in the radiator to see what happens.
The directions in the stop-leak said to drive the car after putting it in the radiator.
This was a perfect excuse to go for a ride.
Patti and I got in the jeep and headed east on I-10 to Gold Nugget Rd where we turned off the freeway and followed a semi-paved road that I think might have the old highway. After a mile or so we noticed a dirt road turning off to the right.


The road went up the mountain toward the towers on top.


These towers are visible from all over the valley and are used for a land mark when driving around in the desert. We had never been up to them before.

The road was well maintained but very steep with a lot of switch backs.


The last quarter mile or so was paved with concrete that had deep grooves in it for traction.


They have to get a propane truck up to the towers so the road has to be pretty good.

Eventually we got to the top and parked among the towers.


There is quite a view from up here.


Looking east you can see I-10 fading into the eastern distance.


You can see Quartzsite and the La Paz Valley to the west.


The Plomosa Mountains are to the north


And south.


While we were looking around from the top of the mountain I noticed an old building and some mine workings below us.


After a while we headed back down the mountain. when we got back to the frontage road we followed it to the right. After a short distance we found a trail going around the base of the mountain toward the mining area.
As we approached the mining area we could see this structure on a raised stone platform.


We continued along the trail until we came to the old house.


At one time it might have been a pretty nice place but it is in pretty bad shape now.


After checking out the house we drove over to the platform.


This turned out to be a vertical shaft.


I think this place is the remnants of the old Gold Nugget Mine.

This picture demonstrates the tenacity of these old Saguaro’s. Even though the top has been torn off the cactus is still trying to put out arms


It was fun finally getting to the towers and checking out the mine area.

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