Saturday, April 20, 2013


On Wednesday we drove down to Yuma to visit with Patti’s brother-in-law, Wayne. He had a eye doctors appointment at 2:00 so we met him at a new Chinese buffet. The restaurant is called Lin’s Grand Buffet. The restaurant opens at 11:00, we arrived at 10:30 and waited for Wayne to show. He arrived at 11:00 and we went in. People were already lined up to get in. The line moved fairly fast.

It was an all you can eat affair with at least four long steam tables piled with all kinds of food. In the back was a grill where you could get steaks, Mongolian Barbeque and sushi.
All the food was fresh although it could have been warmer.

Wayne is recovering well after the loss of Diane. He is getting the cataracts fixed on his eyes and is planning to leave AZ to visit his children in Nevada and Washington state for the summer.

After saying good by to Wayne we went to Bed Bath and Beyond and bought a good sharpening steel so I can get my knives back in shape.

From there we headed home and got there about 3:00

Thursday we just hung out and read all day.

Friday we drove to the Parker Walmart to get our meds and do a little shopping.
From Parker we drove down Mojave Road through Ehrenberg. It is a long slow drive. The road connects with I-10 just east of the Colorado River bridge. We headed west across the bridge to Blythe. We stopped at the Auto Zone so I could buy an air and oil filter for the jeep. From Auto Zone we went to the DMV to to see about adding Patti to the Vans registration and pay for the 2013 reg. We weren’t able to add Patti because we didn’t have the pink slip with us. I expected that.
After the DMV we went to lunch at Garcia’s Mexican restaurant. We each ordered two taco’s. Their Taco’s come with 2 tortillas and so much filling that you can make four taco’s out of two. The next time I will only order one taco. We were stuffed.
After Garcia’s we went to the A-R Mexican bakery and bought one of their Cherry crisps to take home. Yumm!

At around 5:00 we went to Carl’s Jr to meet with the remaining Wednesday jeepers to say good by for the season. We didn’t eat there; Patti had a soft drink and I had a malt. Later in the evening we ate the Cherry Crisp.

Today I am going to change the oil and filters on the jeep.

Becky and Dennis are leaving for home (via Las Vegas) on Tuesday. We will leave for Kingman AZ on Thursday.    

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