Monday, April 8, 2013


On  Saturday we had our annual Nopali (cactus) Feed.
I had been waiting for the kids (nieces and nephew-in-laws) to come down to have the dinner. This year we fed thirteen people with two double batches of Nopalis.
I guess I’ll have to explain what Nopalis are. It is a dish made with Pickled Beaver tail cactus cut in strips with pork steak cut into small pieces and browned, onion, garlic, Mexican style stewed tomatoes, and salsa. It is served with Mexican rice and of course tortillas.


For dessert we had huckleberry crisp from Shirley


and lemon cheese cake from Cheryl.


The feed was held in Becky and Dennis’s AZ room.


After we ate, the men went outside to talk about man things.


and the women stayed inside to talk about women things.


How typical. :o)

Of course it was a lot of fun and everyone over ate.

On Sunday we took the kids for the last jeep ride of their visit.


White jeep Dennis was the leader this time. Becky didn’t go so we put all the girls with Black jeep Dennis. I think he enjoyed being surrounded by three lovely women.

We drove out the road that goes to the Marble Mine. Along the way we saw our first snake of the season, it was a nice big Gofer Snake that was trying to cross the road.


We continued on past the mine and turned north around the mountain to visit another old mine. The trail got a little rough so we had to work a bit to get up it.



When we finally made it we found a very deep shaft


and some very colorful tailings.


After wandering around the mine area for a while we of course had to go back down the rugged trail. It was not as much work going back down.


From there we went to visit another mining area not far away. The trail was much better to this mine.

There were two tunnels at this mine




We didn’t go in these tunnels.

We did have lunch on a ledge overlooking the cement slabs.


After lunch we headed back south, crossed over Diablo Pass and down the other side to Quartzsite.

We were going to have fish and chips at the Grub Stake but it was closed so we went to La Casa for Mexican food. It was good.

We had a great time with the kids and will miss them. I hope they will come back next season.

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