Friday, April 12, 2013


Yesterday we went for a ride with Cheryl and Dennis (white Jeep) Becky and Dennis (black jeep).

Cheryl and Dennis had some friends (Evette and Jim) visiting from California.
Dennis wanted to try some trails that we had never been on before.

We met at Cheryl and Dennis’s house at 9:30. From there we drove to Parker and followed 95 to Cienega Springs Road (the main road to the Desert Bar). We stopped just off the highway to air down. Then went a short distance where we turned left onto a trail that goes to a working mine. Just before we got to the mine we turned onto a narrow trail.


We followed that trail for a short distance until we came to the end where there were remnants of a mining operation. We looked around the area for a while but could not find any mine, although there were plenty of tailings


We went back to the main road and tried another trail that took us to a couple of mines. The tunnels were blocked off with heavy metal bars.


From there we went back to the main dirt road and continued our search for new trails. A short distance up the road we found another small track going off to the east. We turned on to it and followed it.
Along the way we checked out several dead end trails.


Eventually we came to a really rough trail with a sign on it.

Shades of Presidents choice.

It looked pretty bad to me so I decided that Clifford wasn’t up to it.


Of course white jeep Dennis had to try the trail.


After going down the rocks he turned around and came back up.


He made it look easy so where the white jeep goes the black jeep is sure to follow.

Down he goes.


Back up he comes.


After playing on these rocks for a while we continued our search. We followed several more trails that varied in roughness. Most ending in cul-de-sacs or just got to rough for Clifford to continue. Eventually we got onto the Grey Eagle trail


and followed it


to a spot where we normally have lunch when we are in this area.


After lunch we headed out the back road into the Desert bar. Of course the scenery on this trail is very nice.



Along the way we took a wash that we had been on before. It is a little rough


and has two spots that are fairly challenging. One of the spots has a pointy rock to go over. I always expect to tear out something under my jeep.
At this point I thought Clifford was going to roll.


But we made it through okay.


The black jeep had no problems.


We all made it with no damage and continued on our way to the highway where we aired up and headed for home.


In the evening we gathered at Becky and Dennis’s for cards.


Dennis finally got to wear the losers hat.


Jim lost the last game.


White jeep Dennis won the first game and Patti won the second game.

The season is almost over. We may have
one ride and one card game left before everyone goes home. 


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