Friday, January 3, 2014

A ride to the coast 01-03-14

We have been sitting around for a few days without much to do.
Yesterday we decided that we would take a ride to the coast and have lunch there.

We headed west on highway 12 to Fulton Road where we turned north and drove to Guerneville Road and drove west again until we got to hwy. 116. We turned right on 116 and drove through the town of Forestville and followed Pocket Canyon Road


to Guerneville


and followed the river west to Jenner by the sea.


We drove through Jenner and north along the coast for a little ways looking for a place to have lunch.

We stopped at a pullout to take a look at the estuary and the Pacific Ocean. The mouth the river had been breached to allow the water to flow out to sea and allow fish to enter the river.


We didn’t find a place where we wanted to have lunch so we turned around and headed south again. We crossed the bridge over the Russian River and pulled in at the restaurant there. The place is called “Sizzling Tandoor” and is an Indian restaurant.


We know nothing about Indian food but fortunately they also had fish and chips. Patti and I both ordered the fish. It was a bit disappointing. We were served two fish sticks and some fries. Not exactly what we were expecting at a restaurant on the coast but was enough food for a small lunch.

We left the restaurant and drove south along the coast to Bodega Bay.




We stopped to buy some Saltwater Taffy.
From Bodega Bay we drove south to where highway 12 intersects with route 1. We turned east on 12 and headed for home.

It was a pleasant ride except for the guy who was passing a truck and some cars going around a turn and almost hit us head on. Fortunately there was a wide shoulder at that place so I was able to get out of the asshole’s way.

This morning I am going to pick up Harvey and go to the cabin for a couple of days. 

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