Monday, January 6, 2014

Harvey at the cabin 01-06-14

I picked up my grandson, Harvey, around 10:00 Friday morning and we headed for Boonville. We stopped at the Boonville Market to get a couple deli sandwiches.
From there we headed for the cabin.

We got to the cabin around 11:45. and got moved in.


I got a fire going in the woodstove. Harvey hadn’t had breakfast so once the fire was going we attack the huge sandwiches we bought at the Boonville Market.
They really make a big sandwich; we could only eat half each.

After lunch we went up the hill to check on the springs.
There was water coming out of both overflows. Great!!

There still isn’t a good stack of dry firewood at the cabin so the next thing we did was to drive up to the Bear Spring and do some more cutting on that down Madrone tree. I was able to start the chainsaw so I cut and Harvey and I loaded the logs into the back of the jeep. We hauled the wood back to camp to split and stack.


Harvey Split and I stacked.


We ended up with some more wood but not enough for me to feel comfortable with the stack. We burn through wood pretty fast when the weather is as cold as it has been.


Later we took a walk up the road toward the gate. I carried the loppers and Harvey had an ax. As we walked along, we cut any brush that looked like it would encroach on the road. That included small trees and sticker bushes (White Thorne).


We didn’t make it all the way to the gate because I pooped out but we did clear some brush away from most of the road.

After a spaghetti dinner I taught Harvey how to play Rummy. I won :o)

Saturday morning I fixed a big breakfast of sausage, eggs and pancakes. We were both stuffed after breakfast.

Later, we headed back up to the Bear Spring to cut some more pieces off that old Madrone.
We brought back another load and Harvey split it up.


After a little break I decided that we had done enough work for the morning.  We went down to the shooting area where we blasted away at flying clay pigeons. We shot up a case of clays in about an hour. Lots of fun!!


We headed back to the cabin. We were still full from the breakfast. So after a short break I decided that we should do some cutting on the trees that Dave cut down a few weeks ago.

I showed Harvey how to run the chainsaw and let him cut on one of the trees.


I think he enjoyed it. We cut up a lot of the three trees.


Back at the cabin; I needed a short nap so I suggested that Harvey take the BB gun and go for a walk. He was gone for about an hour. And came back as I was waking up.

After a while we took a ride down to check out the grove. We checked out the swimming hole


and wandered around the grove for a few minutes.


It was very cold down there so we didn’t stay long.
We got in the jeep and drove out the road to the North Fork, turned around there and headed back to the cabin.

We had steak and baked potatoes for dinner.

After dinner we played some more Rummy. Harvey did  better this time, but I still won. We left Sunday morning around 10:00

It was a good couple of days playing in the woods.
Harvey is a good kid and willing to help. I enjoyed his company.

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