Sunday, January 26, 2014

Patti and I at the cabin 01-26-14


Patti and I left SRO around 9:30.
We stopped at the Boonville Market to pick up a sandwich for lunch.
When we got to the cabin around noon we unloaded the car and moved into the cabin; setup the new chair and had lunch.

The chair looks good in the cabin. It is pretty tall and allows for a better view out the windows.


Unfortunately it isn’t quite as comfortable as I had hoped but I think it will work with a little padding on the back.


After lunch I split up some firewood and stacked it on the porch.

It has been awful dry here this season and there is a lot of redwood droppings on the roof of the cabin. Normally, I would not worry to much about it but as dry as it is I decided to clean the stuff off the roof. That way if we get some sparks out of the chimney they won’t set the roof on fire.


After a short break we walked up to the springs to check them out.
The camp spring is down to just a fast drip. The cabin spring still has a stream coming from the overflow but it is down from the last time I checked. If the rains don’t start soon we won’t have any water at the cabin at all.

Walking back down the hill we noticed that some of the plumb trees we planted last year are starting to bud out.


We decided to take a walk up the road toward the gate to find a place to put a bench. We walked until I was pooped out. We found a spot by a big stump that looked like it would work.

We walked back to the cabin. After having a snack we loaded a small bench into the car and took it to the spot along the road.


We went back to the cabin and just relaxed for the rest of the day.
After dinner we played rummy (Patti won) and we listened to old radio shows on the XM radio.


I slept in until around 8:30. Sat around after breakfast enjoying the heat from the wood stove and drinking several cups of hot cocoa. Patti got up around 10:30.

Around 11:45 we drove up the road to cut up a Madrone branch that I noticed. On the way we decided that we had put the bench in the wrong spot. We moved it up the road a short distance to the top of the grade.


When we got to the branch, it wasn’t as large as I thought but it will still be good firewood.


We cut up the branch into 6 ft. lengths and loaded them into the back of Patti’s car.


We took the wood back to camp and cut it into firewood lengths.


We took the wood into the cabin for the evening fire.

We goofed off the rest of the day.
I made a beef stew for dinner.
In the evening we played rummy and listened to old time radio shows. (I won)


We got going around 11:30.

We moved the new wood pile to the side of the cabin.

I moved the wood,


Patti stacked it.


We stacked all but a few logs that need splitting. We put them under the workbench to be split later.


We took a break and had lunch. After lunch I took a short nap.

Later we took a walk up the road to check out the positioning of the bench. We decided that the bench was in the right place now but another one would be good to have between this bench and the gate.

The combination lock on the gate was malfunctioning so I took it back to the cabin to see if I could fix it.
I sprayed it liberally with WD40, worked the lock in and out for a while and got it to start working again.

We had maple sausage, eggs and potatoes for dinner.

We spent the evening playing cards and listening to the radio. (I won)


I got up around 8:00, had breakfast and waited for Patti to get up. Around 10:30, I decided to split the logs that we stacked under the work bench.


We have a good stack of wood but I don’t think it will be enough to get us through next fall.


After lunch we cleaned out the cabin and loaded the car. We took a lot of stuff that I have been leaving up here through the summer.

I will be back up here one more time before we leave for Quartzsite. Maybe I can cut down a few more trees. I can always cut them up next spring.

We have really enjoyed our time at the cabin this season but now we have to concentrate on getting things ready to head south.



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