Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New chair for the cabin 01-21-14

Patti and I have been checking out the local thrift shops; looking for a chair to replace the one that broke at the cabin last week.

We checked all the places that we could find in town but didn’t find any chairs that would work. Most of them are either really uncomfortable or to short. If the chair is to short you can’t see out of the windows in the cabin.

Yesterday we drove up to the big Salvation Army store at Litton Springs, north of Healdsburg, to see if we could find something there.
We found three possible candidates. Two were part of a dining room set. They had arms and padded seats. They were fairly comfortable and tall enough but to get them we would have had to buy the whole set.
The one we bought is a very nice chair; with a padded leather seat, wide flat arms, a high back and strong oak construction.


They wanted $30 for the chair. It seemed a little pricy for a thrift store but the chair was pretty nice, so we decided to buy it. As it turned out, yesterday was fifty percent off day so we got the chair for fifteen bucks. What a deal!!

On the way home from Litton Springs we stopped by to visit with Joanne and Dave. They just returned from a Caribbean cruse. They said they had a wonderful time. We saw some of their pictures and It looked like they had fun.
We had a nice visit and after an early dinner at Mary’s Pizza Shack with J&D we headed for home.

We are going to take the chair up to the cabin tomorrow and will be back on Saturday.

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  1. Wow what a steal! That is a beautiful craftsman/mission style chair if I've ever seen one! I did a quick internet search and similar chairs without leather seats run about $100 new. More $ if they are vintage or a "fancy" brand. Apparently good thrifting luck runs in the family. :)