Monday, December 30, 2013


It was a good few days at the cabin.

I got up to the cabin around 10:30 Thursday morning.
I started a fire in the wood stove and unloaded the jeep.

I decided to see what I could do with my cordless electric chain saw with respect to the small fir tree top that fell on the road.
I was able to cut off the branches but but by the time I got to the main part of the tree; the battery was dead.


I have another battery but decided to save it for other cutting.
Dave finished cutting the tree the next day.

After that I decided to work on the leaks in the water system. I put clamps on all the connections that I could find.


Bob showed up after noon. We sat around the cabin for a while then took a ride up to the Bear Spring.


We wandered around there for a while checking out the spring and looking for some dry firewood.

Bob is looking at some cow droppings on the log. The strange thing is that there are no cows that we know of in the neighborhood.


I left bob there as he was going to hike up the hill and make a loop back to the cabin.

I went back to the cabin and split some wood for the stove.


Dave came up Friday afternoon.

We walked up the hill to see if the spring tank was full after I clamped the fittings.


There was water coming from the overflow for the camp spring tank.


It isn’t a lot of water but it is steady.

Later I took Bob up to the top gate so he could walk down the mountain looking for other springs. He found a good one but it may be on a piece of property that Peter just sold. We will have to see the new property lines on a map before we will know if that spring is available to us.

Dave and I split some more wood.


Saturday morning Bob took another walk while Dave and I finished cleaning up the tree that fell on the road.
Bob’s back was giving him trouble so he laid down in his van for a while.
Dave and I took the jeep up to the Bear Spring and cut some wood off of down Madrone tree. We brought a full jeep load back to the cabin


where we split some and stacked it all.


We are in good shape for wood for a while but we will have to keep cutting wood all winter to keep up with usage.

The rest of the time we just hung out in the cabin and ate a lot.


Below, Bob cooking a excellent stir fry dinner.


Peter came up on Sunday morning and stayed for a few of hours.

It was a great couple of days in the woods.
The weather was cold; lows were in the high 30’s and highs in the high 50’s. but at least we got out and played in the woods for a few days.

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