Sunday, December 1, 2013


It has been seven days since my surgery and I’m going nuts sitting around the house.

Yesterday, I told Patti that I wanted to at least take a ride. 
Around 1:30 we got in the car and headed for the coast. One of the good things about where we live; we are only about 45 minutes from the Pacific Ocean.

No mater which direction we go from Santa Rosa the country side is very picturesque.

We drove north for a little bit and turned west on River Road heading for the coast.


We went through Guerneville, where my friend Bob lives.


Since it was late in the afternoon, we figured that Bob would be some where kayaking on the Russian River so we continued toward the coast.

The next community we came to is Monte Rio.


There is a boat ramp at Monte Rio, where we some times put our kayaks in. We checked the parking lot to see if perhaps Bob had put in here but no, he wasn’t there. We continued down River Road,


through the tiny town of Duncan Mills.


As we approached the intersection of River Road and US 1 we could see the fog coming up the river.


Once we were on the coast road, the weather was very foggy and cold.
We stopped at the visitor center at Jenner, Bobs car wasn’t there either, so we figured that he was doing some thing else today.

I took a couple of pictures of Penny Island in the fog.


I was getting tired so we headed for home.

When we were almost to Guerneville we saw Bob driving toward the coast. We decided to turn around and see if we could catch him before he launched his boat.
We caught him as he was getting ready to launch his kayak. 
We shot the breeze with Bob for a little while


but it was very cold and foggy out there so we left him to his kayaking


and headed for home.

It was really nice to get out of the house for a few hours even if it was just to ride in the car.
I slept for about 3 hours after we got home.

A good Day.


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