Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving day 2013

Hi everyone and a very Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. It’s non political, any religion can comfortably celebrate it. It is just a day for friends and relatives to gather around a table and enjoy an autumn feast, good fellowship and the bounty of the earth.

In past years, we and our friends would gather at the property in Boonville for a few days of camping and a full on Thanksgiving dinner complete with a couple of barbequed turkeys and a ham or two.


We used to set up a large Marque tent for a dining hall.


In resent years, with the help of some of our friends, I built a more solid dining hall.

Indian Creek 2 011 

We had a nice warm place to eat and hang out.

Indian Creek 2 049

Indian Creek 2 052

We would spend the rest of the weekend enjoying the fellowship and the leftovers.

A few years ago the women decided that it was just too much trouble to go camping for Thanksgiving.
So a 20 year tradition has come to an end.

Now Thanksgiving has become just another day for me.

The last couple of years we have been in Quartzsite for Thanksgiving. Sometimes we have dinner with our Quartzsite family at the Blue Water Casino buffet. Other times we just go to whichever restaurant is open and have dinner.

This year, since I was to have this surgery, we were not able to leave for Quartzsite as planned.
We had been invited to Morgan’s parents for dinner. Unfortunately as it has only been a week since my surgery;  I’m not ready yet for outings so we had to decline. 
Morgan’s folks are so nice, they are sending Thanksgiving dinner to us with Gaby and Morgan, THANK YOU!


to all from Patti and me.

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  1. Really great to see you! So sorry you weren't feeling up to snuff. Hugs!