Saturday, November 9, 2013


My brother, Sonny, called me yesterday morning. He needed a ride to the repair shop to get his car.
Patti was gone on some errands and the jeep was in the shop so I picked him up in my Van and took him to United Auto Repair. The same shop that has my jeep. The owner of the shop is an old friend of Sonny’s so we stood around and shot the breeze for a while.

I found out that the jeep had a bad EGR solenoid, a Vacuum leak at the rear of the head and possibly a cracked exhaust manifold.
Well, if you’ll remember from previous posts, I have had the exhaust manifold replaced three times already. I’m not sure what is going on with the manifolds. It may be that since the exhaust system has been loose because of the way it was put together in Quartzsite and that it is shaking itself to pieces. What ever the reason I will have to figure out how to fix it because exhaust manifold replacement is an expensive proposition.
They replaced the EGR solenoid and fixed the vacuum leak. I had to come back to pick the jeep up later and take it to the smog place. It passed with flying colors.

Joann, Dave and their friend Darlene came by in the afternoon.
Darlene is an Artist. Her and her husband Bob were at the Party we had at IC and she did a painting of the cabin.


She presented me with the painting as a thank you for having them up for the party. It is a very nice painting and I was moved.

Last evening we went to Harvey’s last football game of the season. They lost but they were able score 20 points against the other team. The final score was 44 to 20. Needles to say the Panthers aren’t going to the play off’s this year.

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